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Joe Notron

So we did a little babysitting over the weekend. Lina and the G-Man came over Sunday afternoon for a few hours. It was a nice break from the “gardening” and home improving. It was also a very joyful couple of hours after the sadness of the week before.

The kids were adorable and easily entertained while I worked in the garden and Muncle Shelden worked on the pool.

Then at lunch time, Lina asked to have her lunch in front of the TV on a TV tray and I allowed it, never realizing that once the G-Man went down for his nap, she would want to stay in the house and watch I-Carly and SpongeBob Whatever, as Muncle Malaprop calls it. Thank God, Joe Notron wasn’t on like he was the other night when we had a Lina sleepover.

Yeah! That’s just scratching the surface…


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