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Last Day of June, First Day of WordPress

Me At Work

It’s me… I’m here! Dayv took this photograph and then PhotoShopped it onto my monitor. He’s crafty like that, often creating morale-boosting PhotoShops for our happy group of co-workers. It’s best if no one mentions this to our boss.

The reason I’m here – let’s see…

Wait, wait – ALERT! I found my freaking bifocals! Oh my word – I lost them more than 6 months ago – I wear contacts and use readers for up close stuff… so I’ve managed ok but sometimes, you just want to pop on the bifocals to go to the gym in the morning so you can read the machine settings without using readers! OMG!!!! I found them, you’ll never guess where!!! Well, because I didn’t even know where they were. They were in the magazine rack next to the toilet in our main bathroom! Yep – that’s where I found them. I was cleaning this morning and decided to clean out the rack – which I rarely (as you may have guessed) do. As I lifted an old magazine, Holy Cats, there they were!

Ok – back to cleaning – more another day… but let me just say this, I feel very comfortable in this skin! And that’s one of the reasons I’m here now. Blogger lost my last post and I am so done with them!!!! So done!

To all my WordPress friends – Hola!



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Holy Christmas – my whole f-ing post just disappea…

Holy Christmas – my whole f-ing post just disappeared – the one I posted last night. I don’t know what happened? I logged in to edit a misspelling – and it’s gone. I quit blogger – Blogger – U SUCK. I’m off to WordPress and the comfort of my other blogging friends.

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I have this friend. Well, she started out being my…

I have this friend. Well, she started out being my son’s friend, but she’s mine now. Yah, I claim her!
She has a very cool blog but better than that – she is an author and her first book will be out this winter! I can hardly wait!!!
She’s trying to get into this writer’s colony so she needs some hits on her blog site. So do me a favor, please. Click here! Check out some of her posts – and the comments too – they’re funny!
Refresh a couple of times if you don’t have time or the inclination to read anything.
But when you do get time – check her out!
And look for her book, The Hard Way, available Winter, 2008.


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Trash Talking This photograph of Devil’s Hole, Wy…

Trash Talking
This photograph of Devil’s Hole, Wyoming was taken by Michael (aka Messiest Objects). You can see it and other glorious pics in his gallery of favorites. Thanks to Julie for turning me on to Michael.
This is the story of how a seemingly innocent question can cause a whole crazy run-away-train full of doubts and fears.
So I get an email at work today that starts like this:
I desperately need some info on our xyz. The info I need is the Key Strength, Key Length, and Key Algorithm. This is some technical jargon for encrypting files that contain sensitive data. I’ll just leave it that I found the answers to the algorithm and length. I had trouble (because I’m a bone-head) finding anything definite about the key strength so I summed it up as follows: the longer the length, the stronger the strength.
As I typed the answer, I could feel the inner struggle beginning… the one that starts with a subtle giggle and ends with a loud snort of disgust at myself for being such a pig. And also the disgust of fully acknowledging that I am a 55-year old married woman sending an answer like this to much younger gentlemen.
One of those men, the one who initiated the email, is a really nice guy who is, well, a little held back… that’s the nicest way to say it. We give out moron stars to some of the duller pennies in our piggy bank and he has most of them.
The other man is an awesome guy that I’ve come to admire over the last 4 years. He is a good people person, ever the professional, who rarely loses his cool and who I totally respect for his ability to go above and beyond the call of duty.
The other guy is a great people person and very smart. I’ve admired his ability to embrace new technologies and learn ways to make the processes we deal with flow better. He is full of fun and also a musician (which never fails to attract me) and well, he is a self-admitted slacker. We have worked together pretty well over the years and we’ve done some jamming in off hours and he has become very near and dear to my heart. It doesn’t hurt that his wife is awesome as well!
Being a woman and being older than all of the guys I work with makes me feel most often like a mother to them, or an older sister. They take a lot of pleasure in saying things that make me squirm… Things like “Now it’s time to stick it in the mashed potatoes!” “It” being a euphemism for, well, IT!
I sometimes add my two cents but often it’s me laughing and turning red. So, it did sort of shock me when I got this reply to my email: I thought it was all about girth? I could have left it. I could’ve pretended to have been shocked, or better, just plain clueless. But no-o-o-o-o, I have to take it to the next level, never content to just “leave be”. So my reply is the plain and simple truth: Well – I WASN’T going to go there but since YOU brought it up – um, hmm. To which came this reply: Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!
Because I just can’t let someone else have the last word, I shoot back: Well – if you want to know the truth, as I typed this: the longer the length, the stronger the strength I couldn’t help thinking about this: girth? To which I added as an afterthought: I really AM a ho
Well the verbal parry continued and got sillier but by no means got more suggestive… And then this gentleman has to walk in our office for some other business and suddenly, I AM embarassed. I am turning red and cannot, for the life of me, make eye contact. And by golly, I am squirming.
So, not so much the ho, I end my day laughing at myself as always. And thanking God that he has given me friends who say: You’re rock and roll peg!


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A friend of mine has a lame blog but he did turn…

A friend of mine has a lame blog but he did turn me on to this site. If you’ve ever struggled with a personal computer, you’ll enjoy these:

This is the site: You should check it out! I highly recommend it.

Why am I posting this? I don’t know, perhaps to cover the ache in my heart. A friend died and she was pretty remarkable. It shook me to the core, this one… I’ve buried lots of folks, but this lady shouldn’t be dead… no, not a bit. As my dear friend, Pam, said “How can someone so alive be so dead?”
This was a lady who took life by the balls. It just doesn’t seem possible that she isn’t raising hell anymore… Well, I believe that she may be giving God a run for Her (Betty Anne’s image of God is not an old guy with a white beard) money! I hope Betty Anne goes easy on Her.

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