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Only in Philly!

I originally wrote this on Tuesday night – the night of the fated 6-and-a-half-inning-World-Series-game-because-they-knew-it-was-going-to-rain-but-played-the-game-anyway-so-that-Fox-wouldn’t-have to run-4-hours-of-Brad-Garrett-in-‘Til-Death. Well, we all know how THAT turned out. And for some reason, I didn’t post it on Tuesday night before the game. Maybe I feel like my son and his friends: God Hates Philly. But I digress, here’s my post:

In a little less than 2 hours, an event is going to take place – the fifth game of the 2008 World Series and the Phillies are in it – big time. I remember the 1980 World Series and how amazing that win was. 28 years later, I can still feel the excitement and pride.

I remember the 1993 World Series – heck I was at the Vet with my son for game 5! And then came game 6.

I remember the Eagles’ 2004-2005 season and I remember how I felt when they clinched the ride to the SuperBowl. I remember the snowstorm and the hamburgers we grilled and I remember my son and my brother diving into the snow at the base of a giant fir tree in my sister’s yard. They don’t make victories like that anymore!

I also remember the devastation of the SuperBowl loss at the hands of the cheating New England Patriots – and before that, the years of losses at the conference level. I remember the highs but I’ve never forgotten the lows.

I could go on and on – Sixers, Flyers, the agony of defeat permeates the life of a Philadelphia sports fan.

It’s what makes you cross your fingers and pray like mad, knowing that you can’t relax until the last out is made even though you have a 10 to 2 lead. It’s sweating and feeling your heart race until the final 20 seconds have ticked off the clock even though the score is Eagles 22 Opponent 7. It’s not even thinking about a parade because it might disrupt sports karma

I am an avid Eagle’s fan. I rarely miss a game and have even “watched” on-line when I haven’t been able to get the game on TV. Phillies, not so much. I guess after that ’93 season, I never recovered the patience for baseball. But I have watched more baseball this year than I have in many years and I have thoroughly enjoyed Red October. This postseason has been a gift. I’ve dared myself to wonder, “Why can’t us?”

I hope we’ll be dancing tonight.

And that was my post. But I chickened out at the last minute. WHY? Because stuff like Tuesday night can only happen in Philly Sports. A friend of mine reminded me of Fog Bowl? Remember the Eagles and the Bears at Soldier Field? The fog rolled in and players said they couldn’t see the sidelines or first down markers. Eagles lost 20 – 12. Speaking of fog, remember that Flyers/Sabers playoff game in 1975? The Fog Game – the Flyers lost games 3 and 4 but did manage to win the Stanley Cup in game 5 so maybe that wasn’t so bad. But I’ve seen the Eagles lose a 14 point lead with 2 minutes left. And I know there’s more crazy stuff, I just choose not to remember because it’s too painful.

Well after Tuesday night, I’ve had it with jinxes and bad omens and not being in my assigned seat. I shake my fist at the heavens and curse the Fates. This team can, and should, win the World Series because they’re that talented.  If it doesn’t happen tonight, it’ll happen on Thursday night or TBD as it says at

And just because I’m feeling particularly brave, I’m posting this. TAKE THAT!



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Smiling – no, laughing through tears!

I haven’t written much lately. So much has happened since the summer months. Some of those things were planned and/or expected. Some of those things evolved unexpectedly much like a rainbow after a sun shower. All of the things that have happened have been marvelous gifts. And in some ways, the hard work that accompanied the acquisition of these gifts was worth the tears and pain.


I’m still processing a lot of what has happened but the major events are these:

  1. My girlfriend died
  2. I got a job
  3. My husband came home from North Carolina
  4. My niece got married

Once I figure it all out, I’ll catch you up. For now, I pray daily in thanksgiving for the life I am living right this moment. I can’t remember being this happy or satisfied with life – for a long time.

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I hate this day.

I tried to get up this morning and embrace the day. Nah! Couldn’t do it.

I went out for a bike ride hoping to dismiss the day. It reared its ugly head as I turned a corner.

With so many blessings, today should have been easier to bear. It still sucked. Being surrounded by so much life and joy should have made me forget that I hate this day.

Every year, I hope this day will be just like any other day and in many ways it is because the fact remains that my mother is dead and nothing will change that. Forever, this day will serve as a reminder of that fact.


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