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OK better now. I am so bad with the patience thing. I try and try and try to leave it in God’s hands. I know that’s the best place for everything but I just can’t let go.

This afternoon for instance… well, let’s have the back-story first then we can move on to this afternoon.

A couple of weeks ago I had three interviews right in a row, Mondee, Tuesdee, Wednesdee. Each interview was as different from the one before it as possible. The Tuesdee interview, I felt like I nailed it technically. There were two tests, hardware troubleshooting and SQL query writing. I completed them quickly and correctly. I also felt like I connected with the director and the supervisor.

The other two interviews couldn’t be more polar opposite if that makes sense. The Mondee interview was mostly answering how many years and what level of experience I had with a checklist of technologies followed by the behavioral questions. The Wednesday interview was an interview with an HR person and then meeting with five different employees in the IT department ranging from the Director to a couple of System Admins. I felt like I held my own in both cases but I definitely had a better vibe from the Monday and Tuesday interviews.

In the meantime, I have completed the process to get some training to upgrade my skill set. State Unemployment has a grant program that I’m hoping to qualify for.

And I also took a three-week contract position that pays squat but is in Philly on the Avenue of the Arts and is worth the train fare just to see the sights.   

So – the training starts Monday and I should find out if I qualify tomorrow. If I’m working the contract job, how will I go to training and how will I explain to unemployment that I have this part-time temp thing. I was offered the Tuesdee job and they were pressuring me to start yesterday but I had to meet with the Asst Supt first (it’s a school district). So I met the AS this past Mondee and he decided to wait until next month’s BOE meeting to get approval for the position. I’m sure it makes sense to him why he needed to do that – it just flattened me. Luckily I got calls from the folks I use as references and they all said that the IT Director told them I was the final candidate for the position. Patience, Peg.

I also have some really neat theater projects that I’m involved in and if I qualify for the training, it will impact my fun – and conversely the fun will impact my ability to study. Plus if I start a job, I have committed to the training and will need to get certified so I’ll really have to study and fun will be on hold.

Well the part-time temp job conflict thing resolved itself this afternoon. I’m done as of tomorrow. It was a neat experience. I could see into the Kimmel Center from my window! I actually hand-delivered résumé’s to two other employers in that building. Fingers crossed.

And I am sure that the training/fun thing will resolve itself one way or another. I’d like it to resolve for fun. Is that selfish of me? I’ve been out of work pretty much for the summer and looks like I’ll be off in July as well. Should I be allowed any more fun? Especially with my poor husband working 10-hour days in North Carolina and then driving 8 or more hours home on Thursdays and back on Sundays.

I really suck sometimes.

Oh and bill-paying is holding its own at this point as well but I foresee a crunch in he very near future. That could be resolved by employment in August.

So I guess the reason for this post is to just lay it all out and look at the possibilities and realize that life could be so much worse and be thankful for the gifts and the faith. The Merton prayer just fills more and more of my being everyday.

I think I’ll just let go now.


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