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Cubicle Quarrels

This is totally happening as I write. There’s a guy who sits 5 cubes down from me and I think, from all the years of vibration testing, he has some hearing issues so he talks REALLY LOUD. He also uses his speakerphone – often – all the time. So there’s an older guy who sits 4 cubes down from me – you know right next to Loud Guy. Well, every once in a while, Older Guy makes fart sounds – you know, the old bi-labial fricative popularized by Mr. George Carlin.
There are tears streaming down my face because all of a sudden this guy will make this really loud fart sound in hopes that Loud Guy will use his handset and not the speakerphone.
So guess who walks in? The new Director of the group – omg! True.
Welcome to my world..

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Yahoo Horoscope 4/25/08

I’ve been sitting here trying to stretch my work into next week. In between drinking coffee and trips to the ladies’ room, I’ve been hitting the job boards and getting the old resume’ out there again. Yep, I’m starting to hyperventilate over unemployment and I haven’t even finished THIS gig!
Granted, there’s not too much left to do here and I’m thinking that the project manager could pull the job when he gets back from vacation. My co-worker-in-crime isn’t even here today. I know he’s busy searching out management positions and trying to get his own business sold.
So as I found myself second-guessing my skill set and picking up the behaviors that started bringing me down in my previous unemployed life, i clicked on my daily horoscope. Of course, I put as much stock in horoscopes as I put in fortune cookies but because I believe that there are no coincidences with God, I decided to pay attention to this one:

Instead of focusing so much on your future, focus on day-to-day living. Play a bit.

Yeah, I think I’ll heed this one…
Godspell again –

So don’t waste your time asking “What am I to eat? What am I to drink?”
What AM I to eat?

Perhaps I’ll spend the day blogging…

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The Great Unknown

Let me attempt to get words on screen so that I can finally fall asleep since I’ve been trying to do so for the last two hours.
I believe that there is something more to living than what we do day in and day out.
I believe that there is a purpose and a reason for being where we are, who we’re with and when we’re there.
I’m not saying I understand why or wherefore. I just believe that there is a Reason.
The people who become a part of our very being… The person we meet as we wait in line… The people who have formed us and loved us and nurtured us… there’s a Reason.
Our lives take detours… things happen that we don’t understand… deaths, births, unions, separations.
There’s Someone – and it’s not me – who has the answers.
So I thank that Reason, that Reality, and now maybe I can sleep – oh and here are a couple of angels to lullaby me:

ed note 7:49 am: I believe that we’re dealt our hand in life but I also believe that we are given the tools to play that hand. I did get some sleep… finally. 


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God Save The People

For all of my friends and family out there who are too far away or too busy or too tired or just can’t be here for whatever reason any of these show nights – here’s a clip from today’s show.

This was after 4 days of rest and no rehearsal in between. It’s a show that serves as a dress rehearsal but we have a small audience from some of the local elementary schools. I put my little digital camera on the platform, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. There’s a lot of piano because the amplifier was right behind my camera – but that’s a-ok because Cameron is an awesome pianist! You can hear Neal playing guitar in the beginning and you can hear some of Lou on bass. Every once in a while, you can catch Nathan playing drums – he did a great job today! I’m real proud of him. But mostly I’m proud of the students and their directors who have worked very hard toward these days and nights! I’m kind of sad for those of you who can’t see it in person because it is very well done – better than most high school productions and in the top 5 of the high school shows I’ve done.

Something cool about this show – the director is a graduate of the high school’s theater program and when he was in 8th grade, his school came for a performance like we gave today and the show was Godspell. He’s a pretty incredible person which was evident even back in 1999 when, as a junior, he played Don Quixote in Man of la Mancha. He said that seeing the production of Godspell in 1996 made him think “I want to do that when I get here.”

That production in 1996 was very emotional for us. My brother’s Lou and Neal played bass and guitar. Our friend Paul played drums. The previous October, we had buried our mother. At the luncheon following her funeral, my girlfriend, Susan, who was the director of the many shows I did at our high school, and I stood in front of some wonderful collages that my sister had put together. In the middle of one of them was the insert from our Godspell CD. Our family really loved the show and the album was often played in our home. That’s when Susan said, “I guess we’re going to have to do Godspell in the spring.” Needless to say, my brothers and I shed a lot of tears during the run of that show. 

There are some other cool things about this show – notice a girl with pigtails in a black track suit with pink stripes who sings and dances pretty much in front of my camera and later a girl in a denim skirt and red top. They both had mothers that are alumni of the school and who participated in musical theater productions when they were in school.  Also, the daughter of a former guitar student who played at liturgies back at our old parish. And even cooler – I was able to get the same musicians to play for the show – Lou, Neal and Paul. And even luckier to get my good friend, Nathan, to sub for the shows that Paul couldn’t make. And the cool thing about Nathan – he goes right along with the insanity. He doesn’t get too much time to play or practice but he worked his butt off to do a great job! And the two keyboard players – well I can’t say enough about them. I really am blessed because at church, I have 2, count them – 2, awesome keyboard players and one of them is Cameron and he has done a wonderful job this year. The other keyboard player for this production is the nephew of a friend of my sister and brother-in-law and Ryan does a really nice job as well.

On another note, I spent the afternoon unwinding…
My favorite time on the beach

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Ok – here’s the plan… My nuclear gig is going to be over next week and I’ve been busy applying on line. I think I have a good plan for what I want to do next. I want to work in a larger company and specialize in one area. I have lots of technology expereince but I’m not really good at any one thing. SO maybe a sort of mid-level position would work.
Yesterday I actually applied to a technology school to teach and I got an email follow-up within the hour. The salary is not enough to support us. I might try some other schools in the area.
I’m supposed to go into Center City to see a headhunter tomorrow afternoon after the show. It’s supposed to be 77 degrees and sunny tomorrow. It’s a no-brainer – that headhunter will have to find something else to do tomorrow.
In the meantime, I’m on my way home soon and I have a show tomorrow morning. And I’m really excited to see how they do tomorrow after 5 days rest.

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