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Work Work Work

This morning I checked on my Tweeple and look what they were doing:
  • robusdin: At work. Had yummy challah for breakfast, and the iced tea of course.
  • kevinhoneycutt: Time for nap before work!
  • kevinhoneycutt: Second night, can’t sleep!
  • cardiacdisaster: Finally fell asleep, and had a nightmare about work. Not a funny dream — actually really stressful. I don’t wanna go back to bed… :
  • Sheesh, is this why I’m wailing?? Is this what I’m longing for? I have enough sleeplessness without having to worry about a job everyday. It’s been a great three weeks without work and I refuse to get all bothered about the lack of it. I’ve had interviews and calls. When the time is right and the job pleases, I’ll get back to it. Or when the funds run out and desperation sets in. Right now, all is well.

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