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Where In the World?

Sunday Scribblings gave us this writing prompt:

#173 – Where in the World?

Have you ever stood still and scratched your head and said, ‘Where in the world?’ Is there somewhere in the world you would love to go? Are you looking for someone or something or a place that makes sense to you? Where in the world are you?

It should be an easy prompt to cover but lately I haven’t had the time or energy to put a coherent sentence together. Usually I’m walking around asking, “Where in the world did I put (fill in the blank).” That’s because I have a serious organization problem. Normally there wouldn’t be an issue with finding something but I’m starting to realize that there isn’t room in my brain to hold anything other than the most important stuff like name, phone number and address.

The first blank to be filled in would have to be apostrophe. apostropheWhere in the world is the apostrophe on my keyboard because, gosh darn it, I type a semicolon more often than not. I just never seem to make it over far enough to type an apostrophe. I don;t know how to type properly. I type with two or four fingers and a thumb so that might be why I miss the apostrophe. Do you know how many times you use apostrophes in a paragraph?  It’s pretty often. I left the semicolon typo up there in the third sentence of this paragraph so you could see that I’m not making it up. I’ve corrected all the others.

The next blank would be that piece of music. tunageMy sister is now busting into hysterical laughter because she’s heard this question more often than any one human should have to hear it.  I’m sure her children have asked this question many times. I’m pretty sure that’s what makes her laugh. I can’t remember the last time she heard me ask the question. She’s probably asked the question herself many times. See – it’s a popular question in this neighborhood.

The next blank would be my mind. mind Honestly, there’s not much to it. It shouldn;t be hard to keep track of. For heaven’s sake. it’s probably where I left that piece of music because it sure as heck isn;t where it;s supposed to be.



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