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Neil Young, CSN, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell

Tonight we were gathered around the dining room table. We were working on a joyful task. There was music on as always – some of it familiar, some of it not so. We were laughing and singing.

I heard the beginning of a song and recognized it as “A Man Needs a Maid” from Harvest by Neil Young. It reminded me of my freshman and sophomore year in college. There were four albums always on the turntable: Neil Young Harvest, CSN, James Taylor Sweet Baby James, and Joni Mitchell Blue. My roommate and I always agreed on those four. Oh, we listened to other stuff but they were consistently played.


When I listened to that song tonight, it reminded me that my former roommate, and dear friend, won’t be around to listen to those albums soon. I talked to her today and her doctors advised calling in hospice.

She’s been fighting ovarian cancer for nearly three years. The cancer is winning now. There’s nothing to say. Not one thing.


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