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Meeting Cappy

My links on the right are mainly people that I know and love – family, friends, organizations close to my heart. Some of those links, however, are cyber-friends, people with whom I’ve developed a virtual relationship. Take for instance the link to the novelist, Julie Luongo. She’s a good mix of virtual and real. I’ve met Julie a couple of times, talked to her on the phone a few more times and kept up with her shenaigans through my son who is her friend. Through her blog, I have come to know her better and yes, come to treasure the relationship that has grown through posts and comments. Sounds crazy, no?

Then there is my family representing with Ernie & Neal, Neener’s Blog, Sunlight and Shade, The Great Dadoo, The Town News.  My brother, my sister-in-law, my niece, my dad and my sister all have websites and/or blogs. My friends over at Junk Mail Galaxy provide podcasts filled with musings about the direct mail/marketing industry along with good music and general silliness. Another friend provides a bit of culture and the blues in the deep recesses of northern South Jersey with his framing store and art gallery and free wine.

And then there are those folks that I have come to know, like Julie, through posts and comments and game rooms and IMs. People may say that I’m crazy but I really have come to appreciate what they have shared and while I have come close to meeting one of them and hope to meet one today, I may never meet the others.. although there’s always Stone Harbor… 

Whatever the case, it’s all good – this cyber sharing. Cappy, Spank, Sissy and the ‘Goose are good blog buddies and maybe some day we’ll get together for chips and taco dip!

I started my own blog as a way to rant about the craziness that was surrounding me when my son moved to California. It was mostly stupid stuff – quizzes and crap. But lately, I’ve delved deeper and shared a little more and it has become therapy in a sense. Over at Toga, we even have a Therapy Room. 

Who knew?



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Happy Balm Bumby

I’m a little late posting this so bear with me… I know I’ll have something about Easter soon. When I started this post, I was going to rant about the inequities of being a “folk group” in  a church where the median age of our adult choir is 65 (and that’s being kind!). Then I remembered something I tell others – let your ego go. And be sure that you let everyone see Jesus in you… and that you see Jesus in them. This isn’t about you being heard or not being heard – it’s about praising God. But I digress – or rather – I digressed and this is what you get:

We’re smack dab in the middle of one of my favorite times of the liturgical year. Yesterday was Palm/Passion Sunday and thus, Holy Week began. While Palm Sunday isn’t the exact focus of this post, I remember one particular Palm Sunday. Well, really, I need to go back to Sunday dinners.

The Sunday dinners I remember were elaborate affairs and while I can’t relate too many details, I know that Sunday dinner took a long time to get through. Aunt Irma will say that she can’t imagine how her mom, grandmother or my other grandmother managed to get up at the crack of dawn to make the gravy for the macaroni. Then they would head out to Mass and return to finish the preparations for the meal. The earliest meals I can remember were in South Philadelphia. Sometimes they were at my maternal grandparents’ home. They lived on a big street – So. 23rd Street. Sometimes they were at my paternal grandparents’ home. They lived on a “side” street and on the “other” side. Sometimes dinner was at my great grandmother’s house. Where ever dinner was, there was lots of food and lots of people and therefore, lots of conversation.I don’t remember too many conversations. A lot of times it was in Italian.

I remember saying grace and then the clatter of dishes and utensils would begin as the serving dishes were passed and people began eating.The incredible thing about these meals was that no matter where we went for dinner – Mom’s parents or Dad’s parents, the other side of the family would be invited as well.  It was never a problem, Dad was an only child and mom had one sister who never married.  Even when dinners moved to South Jersey, my aunt would drive both sets of grandparents, and often my great grandmother, to our house for dinner.

So, one Palm Sunday, we were waiting for my aunt and Nanny and PopPop and Nanny and PopPop to arrive for dinner. My dad had purchased a tape recorder – not a reel to reel, not an 8-track, not a cassette. It was a huge boxy thing and I actually have an RCA Sound Cartridge that has my Dad’s writing on it – All talk, Palm Sunday, 1960. He made us each record a Palm Sunday message, the funniest one was my little brother, Mark, saying “Happy Balm Bumby”.

Yeah, those were some good times.I wonder how hard it would be to get that RCA Sound Cartridge converted to CD? 


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It’s O Fishul

DOOD! Guess what today be?   jon.jpg  Yup, it’s Jon Bon Jovi’s birthday. Also Dr Seuss… had he lived.
Let the e-cards begin!

Update – I done did REEE-search!

“A victim of the use of water as a beverage.”
Sam Houston (03/02/1793 – 07/26/1863) US senator, on US President James K. Polk

“One Galileo in two thousand years is enough.”
Pope Pius XII (03/02/1876 – 10/09/1958) Italian religious leader

“You make ’em, I amuse ’em.”
Dr. Theodore Seuss Geisel (03/02/1904 – 09/24/1991) US writer-illustrator, on children

 “I dislike censorship. Like an appendix it is useless when inert and dangerous when active.”
Maurice Edelman (03/02/1911 – 12/14/1975) British politician

“America must be the teacher of democracy, not the advertiser of the consumer society. It is unrealistic for the rest of the world to reach the American living standard.”
Mikhail Gorbachev (03/02/1931 – ) Russian Secretary General
“A cult is a religion with no political power.”
Tom Wolfe (03/02/1931 – ) US writer

“Writing a novel is actually searching for victims. As I write I keep looking for casualties. The stories uncover the casualties.”
John Irving (03/02/1942 – ) US writer

“I like to think of us as Clearasil on the face of the nation. Jim Morrison would have said that if he was smart, but he’s dead.”
Lou Reed  (03/02/1944 – ) US singer/songwriter

“The image we have would be impossible for Mickey Mouse to maintain. We’re just… normal people.”
Karen Carpenter (03/02/1950 – 02/04/1983) US singer

“If you wanted to torture me, you’d tie me down and force me to watch our first five videos.”
Jon Bon Jovi (03/02/1962 – ) US singer, actor

“My parents are both redheads, so they knew I was going to be a redhead. They just thought Bryce Canyon was very strong and it was red. And they thought it was beautiful. So they named me Bryce. And Dallas is where I was conceived. My parents are hippies.”
Bryce Dallas Howard (03/02/1981 – ) US actor (daughter of Ron Howard)


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