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I guess it’s time to blog again

I’ve been reading some blogs lately… new friends, old friends, family continue to use blogs in creative ways.

When I started blogging, I was in a rut at work. I loved the people I worked with but wasn’t feeling particularly fulfilled. I had my church gig and I was still conducting an orchestra for a high school theater program but I longed for more creativity. Oddly enough, I lost my job and immediately felt like I’d lost my identity. Even though I cried and prayed on the way to work that morning, getting laid off wasn’t the answer to the prayer “Please let something happen. I can’t stand this stress anymore.”

Since that fateful day (almost 5 years ago to the day), I’ve been fortunate to be working where I’ve dreamed of working for a  long time. It is stressful, being one of two people responsible for 700 computers, several servers and networking, is always a challenge but it is fulfilling.

And it leaves me time to be involved in other projects that I love. I just directed a musical at our community theater. First time I directed a community theater project.  Presently, I am music directing Pippin, a show that I’ve always loved. I am also working on A Festival of Lessons and Carols at our church. There are so many cool people involved – people from my current job, people from my church and other churches in the area, people from the theater, people of other faiths, children as young as second grade, adults as old as, well, me.

The other night, I facilitated a group of alumni who had participated in marching band at our high school. We cleaned out the room that holds all of the instruments that could be played by band members… if we had a band. These alumni are committed to help grow the instrumental music program at our alma mater.

It was during this alumni meeting that I injured my left hand. Musicians know how devastating a small nick, cut or squish of an appendage can be. When I began my freshman year in college as a music major, one of the sophomore trumpet players was recovering from a car accident. He hadn’t been badly hurt, but he split his lip, requiring stitches. The lack of practice over the summer, set him back in his studies. The scar tissue caused him to have to redesign his embouchure.

So, when my fingers got caught in the wooden hinge of an aging xylophone, I tried to jerk my hand back but it was getting crushed. The person on the end of the crushing realized what was going on and folded the hinge the other way, apologizing profusely adding that he saw the stars I was still seeing. Three days later, they’re stil tender, even while typing. Not sure how I played guitar last night at church. I think sang more than played.

But heck, I’m doing what I love – providing opportunites for others to be creative. Makes this fortune all the more sweet!



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Work Work Work

This morning I checked on my Tweeple and look what they were doing:
  • robusdin: At work. Had yummy challah for breakfast, and the iced tea of course.
  • kevinhoneycutt: Time for nap before work!
  • kevinhoneycutt: Second night, can’t sleep!
  • cardiacdisaster: Finally fell asleep, and had a nightmare about work. Not a funny dream — actually really stressful. I don’t wanna go back to bed… :
  • Sheesh, is this why I’m wailing?? Is this what I’m longing for? I have enough sleeplessness without having to worry about a job everyday. It’s been a great three weeks without work and I refuse to get all bothered about the lack of it. I’ve had interviews and calls. When the time is right and the job pleases, I’ll get back to it. Or when the funds run out and desperation sets in. Right now, all is well.

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    Ok – here’s the plan… My nuclear gig is going to be over next week and I’ve been busy applying on line. I think I have a good plan for what I want to do next. I want to work in a larger company and specialize in one area. I have lots of technology expereince but I’m not really good at any one thing. SO maybe a sort of mid-level position would work.
    Yesterday I actually applied to a technology school to teach and I got an email follow-up within the hour. The salary is not enough to support us. I might try some other schools in the area.
    I’m supposed to go into Center City to see a headhunter tomorrow afternoon after the show. It’s supposed to be 77 degrees and sunny tomorrow. It’s a no-brainer – that headhunter will have to find something else to do tomorrow.
    In the meantime, I’m on my way home soon and I have a show tomorrow morning. And I’m really excited to see how they do tomorrow after 5 days rest.

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    New Adventure

    livingroom.jpgFor the next couple of months, this is my crib. kitchen.jpgWhile I’m working in the area, I’m staying at a relative’s beach house.  living.jpg Amazing, huh?


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    Why I got home at 7:30 last night

    I worked late last night. It was my own choice. There was stuff to be done. I did it. I also had to do some off-hours upgrades so I did all the prep work after 5 so I’d be able to complete everything from home. I was on the phone with a co-worker, who was also working late, when I received an email from our receptionist (who wasn’t working late… we just have phone coverage from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm, so it was her turn to work the later shift) who let me know that our VP of Sales was holding for me.

    Got off the phone with my co-worker and took the call from the VP who was traveling and couldn’t get connected to our VPN. It’s too long to explain how I helped her but I did and in the end she said “How did you know about that?” I laughed. Then I closed up shop and left the building.

    Now, they’re doing construction on 295 – the southern end that I travel. The end that rarely has heavy traffic. It’s become a bit of an inconvenience but I realize it won’t be forever and patiently wait for the gawkers to drive by the construction areas so that I can make my way to 130 and home. I always listen to KYW – 2, 3, 4 times a day – for the traffic, the weather, the news. They have yet to mention the traffic jams caused by this construction, but by golly, didn’t they mention a refinery fire at a Sunoco plant in West Deptford? It was supposedly caused by lightening and it was at 3 alarms by the time I crawled past it.

    sp_a0216.jpgTook these pictures with my cell phone.

    The reason for the back up… people just stopping their cars to gawk. I felt bad for a horse in a neighboring lane. His driver had his window rolled down and was smoking a cigarette. The horse trailer windows were opened too and the poor horsey had to ride through the dark haze.

    sp_a0219.jpgBlack smoke filled the angry sky. And their were folks who actually stopped their cars, pulled over and began video taping the whole mess. Folks from news vans were busy filming for the 11:00 pm news.

    sp_a0218.jpgYeah, I left late, but this didn’t help.


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