I have to thank my parents for insisting that I take Latin as my foreign language  when I was a freshman in high school. I didn’t realize how much it would help me. Honestly, two years of Latin and two years of Spanish  helped my music  skills, crossword skills,and travel skills.

I loved traveling in Italy. Italian is such a beautiful language. We lived with my grandparents in South Philadelphia for a couple of years after I was born. Later my grandparents came to live with us and often spoke Italian to each other. The few words I remember are related to the kitchen, cooking implements, food and counting.

This is not me!

I should also mention that I learned an occasional curse!

When we traveled in Italy with my mom and dad, we were pretty lucky because they could actually ask for directions and know where to go.  We took a crash course in Italian offered by our local adult education school. I found that I read the language much better than I could speak it. I loved the word Uscita. It means exit. I never learned this kind of Italian, thank God!



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6 responses to “Language

  1. Oh, what a rich heritage. I wanted to write about my Italian family but really didn’t learn their language. Sigh.
    Nicely done.

  2. cute video clip! i wish i knew a foreign language. itilian sounds so romantic!

  3. If there was any language I could learn, I’d choose Italian! I loved your videos… :~)

  4. I took three years of french. 8th, 9th and 10th grade. I can’t speak it fluently, I don’t even think I can put sentences together now. But I still know a few words. I always wanted to learn Italian but it wasn’t offered when I was in school. My grandparents would speak Italian all the time. It drove me crazy when they would mix English words in with Italian words.

  5. loudad

    thanks for the nice comments,,, I’m sure Mom likes them too.
    Dom Irrerra is a riot. I’ve heard him on the radio with Angelo Cataldi (WIP/AM). He loves Philly and all.

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