The Nap

I like to blog but often find myself without a topic. Oh, I could probably rant  about something on a daily basis but I prefer to be creative. I happened upon MeMe Express and found daily writing prompts.

The Nap Jan Frans Vernas Artist 1879

The Nap Jan Frans Vernas Artist 1879

I know I should be writing fiction or poetry but I’ll stick to fact and autobiography and life,. I’m hoping this might be what I need to get off of my sorry ass and share my thoughts.

The prompt for today included this 1879 painting called The Nap by Jan Frans Verhas from Belgium. It shows a sweet child with, what I’m guessing, is a basket of cherries. I Googled the painting in hopes of finding some information about Jan and the painting. I found links to art auctions and dealers. I could rant about that but I won’t especially since I’m probably not using the right search terms. In any case it sold at Sotheby’s in 2006 for $216,000 US.

As I examined the painting, I noticed that the little girl had… wait, is that a cherry in her ear? I don’t know, she can’t hear me, there’s a cherry in her ear! Bwa hah!

Seriously, I can just see the drool forming in the corner of her lip, she is THAT deep in sleep. Sometimes I wish I could sleep like that. Peaceful, relaxed, serene, deep. I can’t help but wonder what that nightly dose of Tylenol® PM is doing to my liver.

Do you think that is a little Belgian girl? I do. The doll, shawl and dress are probably handcrafted. I’m sure my art teacher, Jocelyn, would be able to tell me the significance of the tiger skin rug. And doesn’t the wall hanging look like it’s made of organic material?

I’m envious of people who nap. I can’t. I try to nap, but I don’t usually fall asleep. If I happen to fall asleep, I don’t sleep at night – even with that dose of Tylenol® PM. If the Olympics had a napping event, I have family members who could compete and probably medal! Me, not so much.

So on this cold, grey Sunday afternoon, I wish you happy napping!

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4 responses to “The Nap

  1. Love the sense of humor and whimsy you provided here.

    Thanks for participating. Putting you on the blogroll!


    MEME EXPRESS – daily blog prompts

  2. I’ve been finding that my nightly dose hasn’t been working for me, either. I still toss and turn and when I wake up in the morning, I’m tightly curled up in a ball stiff as a board.

    Hm…wonder what’s going on? Maybe, I should double dose.

  3. fishgrip

    I took the silver at the ’98 games. Friggin’ Sheldon took the Gold right out from under me. I didn’t even hear him gainin’ on me… of course that’s because I had a cherry in my ear.

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