Organic Modern

I just watched an episode of Find Your Style on HGTV. I’ve mentioned my HGTV addiction before.  Well, this episode, a guest room upgrade, was considered Organic Modern in style.

If you think that one style excludes the other, you are wrong my friend. 

HGTV 209 Find Your Style

HGTV 209 Find Your Style

Wouldn’t you love to sleep in this room? It’s the neutral, natural colors that make it organic. The lines are sleek and modern.

This is our guest room:organic  The style is organic shabby chic. I need some pictures, I know but I did the whole room for $300.00 including paint.

For me, this: is as organic as it gets!


There are lots of good reasons to eat organically if you can afford it.  This is what Doc Horvitz says and he makes a lot of sense:
There is a reason for many of the synthetically added vitamins in food today. Not only does the processing strip many of the natural vitamins, but many crops grown today on conventional commercial farms are grown in soil that has been depleted. Synthetic vitamins will never take the place of whole, organic foods rich in natural vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that we are just beginning to understand. Organic produce and products are not just a luxury or novelty. They are a necessity for good health, not just in avoiding chemical pesticides but for the nutrients they provide that conventionally grown counterparts cannot hold a candle to.

Also, products containing many ingredients, such as corn or soy, may be made from genetically modified or transgenic seeds. It is estimated that up to 90% of all soy grown and up to half of all corn is transgenic. These “frankenfoods”, as they are sometimes called, will not be identified as such on ingredient labels. Buying organic is one way to assure you are avoiding transgenic foods. These genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may end up being the biggest environmental disaster, and possibly health disaster, of our lifetime. A human experiment being carried out in gigantic proportions and putting entire populations at risk is like a genie that has been let out of bottle. Only it’s doubtful any wishes will be granted.

Edited 10:56 am Sunday 1/11/09

Another interesting organic fact: My GYN mentioned that women should take calcium supplements with Vitamin D. Both are essential for bone health. But get this – A natural source of Vitamin D is the sun and since we now use sunscreen which prevents skin cancer, we’re not getting enough of it!

Someone point me to the saccharin aisle!



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9 responses to “Organic Modern

  1. I enjoy HGTV, too. Really like the organic room!

  2. nice organic design! it’s comforting!

  3. Actually, I like your room better. Somehow it seems more warm & inviting to me.

    Thanks for the visit. I’m glad it brought back some memories. This was a true story–much funnier in retrospect, I might add.

    Your story was even more hilarious because I remember that stench!

  4. maleesha

    did you read Animal Vegetable Miracle yet??

  5. Sucks to know that someone’s guest room is that much nicer than my MAIN room. :)

    Love the video from the deck!

  6. I’m a fan of HGTV, too. Strange, because I’ve changed hardly anything in my house for 30 years! Great post – and your guest room looks cozy…

  7. oooh i think i like organic modern! modern has seemed so cold to me. amazing what a change of colors can do..

  8. I love your organic room. and i like the many directions this post takes.

  9. Yeah, this makes sense, organic foods have got to be the way to go.
    Nice post!

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