Washing Machine Resurrection

I dunno. It worked today. I’m totally grateful. I don’t know why or how. Two weekends and it’s fine and dandy. Ok. Cool. Merry Christmas. washer



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7 responses to “Washing Machine Resurrection

  1. windydarling

    Christmas miracle! Christmas miracle!

  2. Welcome back, WindyDarling, by the way.

  3. windydarling

    Thanks, Peg. It’s good to be back. Always.

  4. Very cool, now you don’t have to go use the nasty public washers at the laundry mat. And can I say, IT’S SNOWING ON YOUR PAGE. That so cheered me up.

  5. I’m goin’ with Christmas elves. They snuck in, in the middle of the night and fixed it.

    They did other stuff to, in fact I would actually reccomend you shower really, really well tonight, but let’s not focus on that right now.

    The important thing is they fixed the washing machine! Yay!

  6. See, I always said doing laundry every week was too much.

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