Welcome to my Freaking World!

I have a fun job these days. I work in the technology department of the high school. It’s a Catholic high school and we actually have nuns that teach there. They’re a real hoot especially when it comes to fund raising.

The moderator of  National Honor Society, a nice old nun who teaches physics, had the idea that the students should raise money to adopt a bunch of  grandparents. Marvelous idea! But when the NHS students tried to collect money, they weren’t getting much support. Sister Claudette estimated that if each of the 800 students donated a quarter, they’d make their goal of $200 a day.  Still, no one donated.

So she brought out the big guns. Imagine this played over every loudspeaker in the school – for an hour straight! Over and over and over. Or as Sister said “Until, we reach our goal. Alvin will help to cheer you on!”

One of my colleagues, who shall remain nameless, said “Do you think it’s a big sin to punch a nun? Because, you know, if it’s a little one, I’m gonna have to hit her!”


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  1. thetownnews

    No matter how big of sin it might be .. could be worth it.

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