I do. Usually. Last weekend, I didn’t. I think it was because I had a rehearsal and then I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. I just figured I could make the laundry last until the 4 day weekend which it did – no problem.

This morning, I started some whites. I went down later on with a basket of lights and when I opened the washer, the whites were still pretty wet. So I put them in to spin again. Then we went out to a fund raiser for breast cancer awareness. When I got back, I checked the load and, by golly, the clothes were still soaked. So I started the spin cycle again and this time I stayed in the basement.  What WAS that odd noise? It was the washer refusing to spin.

I’m pretty screwed.



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3 responses to “Laundry

  1. That’s just awful. I pray my washer never breaks because when my dryer hit the bucket my husband went out and bought me a new one and tied it from wall to wall.

    I guess when my washer goes he’ll run the hose through the basement window and give me a scrub brush.

    When he complains in the winter about the heating bill, I tell him the dryer must be running all day.

  2. Oh man, your husband is cruel. I could see the wheels turning in my husband’s head – it was something like, “Take the laundry down to the river and I’ll find you a nice rock to beat them!” Yeah, those guys are clueless!

  3. thetownnews

    Hey, I already talked to Shelden. You can drag your laundry across the street and use our washer. By the way, if you do replace the washer, don’t get a front loader. Am hearing some really bad things about them from people who have them. MOLD – eeewwww~

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