I hate this day.

I tried to get up this morning and embrace the day. Nah! Couldn’t do it.

I went out for a bike ride hoping to dismiss the day. It reared its ugly head as I turned a corner.

With so many blessings, today should have been easier to bear. It still sucked. Being surrounded by so much life and joy should have made me forget that I hate this day.

Every year, I hope this day will be just like any other day and in many ways it is because the fact remains that my mother is dead and nothing will change that. Forever, this day will serve as a reminder of that fact.



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5 responses to “Ugh

  1. fishgrip

    October 6th sucks. January 7th sucks. I flip them both the bird.

  2. DAD

    Peg: she is here…. Never left.. She lives in our memories and in our hearts. The day has come and gone and like our GOD,,,, she lives on.

  3. thetownnews

    As you and I usually say in unison, “Crap-sticks”!

  4. episcopalifem


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