Family + Friends = Fun

My niece graduated from high school last month. We celebrated the occasion last night with a gathering of family and friends at the R-ton Porch Club. You just know that whenever you combine balloons and karaoke, hilarity will ensue. So without further ado, let’s jump into the balloons as my youngest niece did when the balloon she sat on unexpectedly popped.

The shenanigans really didn’t get started until after the food was served. Up to that point, people greeted and mingled and listened to the graduate’s play list from her I-POD. There was also a balloon-popping contest, possibly inspired by my niece’s earlier antics. Her older cousin, my niece as well, won this contest and it had a heckagood prize!

There were some truly wonderful moments but mostly hilariously funny moments once the karaoke began. rather than embed all the video you can click for the video goodness.

My brothers joining my dad on stage as he sang “Just a Gigolo”. The David Lee Roth version had him a little confused. He’s way better at the Louis Prima version!

My nieces singing together and with their aunts, friends and cousins.

My nephew, brothers and brother-n-law singing an old family favorite

Denise doing a version of Anita Baker’s Sweet Love, the likes of which you can’t even imagine.

Neal, Livin la Vida LOCO.

And then all of the ladies, and some of the guys doing We Are Family.

For you added enjoyment, the pictures are here.



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5 responses to “Family + Friends = Fun

  1. thetownnews

    God help us all … what a train wreck …

  2. thetownnews

    You don’t really want to watch it but you can’t really look away either ..,

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