June Weddings

We recently attended our nephew’s wedding. It was a splendid affair, tastefully organized with wonderful food and beverages and the customary crappy DJ. It was an event to be remembered, for sure. My husband’s family was together for the first time in more years than I care to cipher. A misunderstanding, an over-reaction, a falling-out – all contributed to the separation. The love of my nephew and his bride may have begun the healing process… at least in this camp.

In any case, it provided an opportunity for our family in Florida to come north and the New England contingent to come south. We had a great visit with my sister-in-law, Robin, her husband, Dave, and their son, Todd. Our house was their base of operation and Shel managed to take a few days off so we did a little sight-seeing in Philly.  We spent some time in the Constitution Center and went to see the Liberty Bell. I can’t wait until they have the President’s House presentation.

While in the Liberty Bell Pavilion, I got to hear an old favorite. You might recognize the Liberty Bell March by John Philip Sousa as the Monty Python Theme. 

Dooner came in from Brooklyn and took Todd to a Triathlon Expo in Fairmount Park and to Manayunk to see the Wall and eat a cheesesteak. In fact, cheesesteaks seemed to be the theme of the weekend with Todd determined to eat a cheesesteak each day that he was here. He nearly accomplished this feat with Dave joining him in a close second.

We also spent time with other family members, joining them for lunch at Champ’s after a spa opportunity while the guys golfed. We met for dinner and then again the next night for dinner.

Everyone behaved for the most part which is, admittedly, an accomplishment. It appeared that most everyone had fun.

I’ll let you judge.


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