Not Quite In Season

This has been an interesting week… My first full week of unemployment. This just gets more and more interesting.
I got to watch the kids this week and it was a lot of fun. They’re really good kids so it was pretty easy. Yesterday, I watched them pretty much all day and then stayed over night so their folks could go to the Van Halen concert.
This morning, breakfast was fun. The Gman had a waffle and strawberries which are not quite in season so occasionally a sour one gets into the mix.

And then right after breakfast, The Picture Shop was open for business. She was hustling art at 8 am.

 Hustling Art at 8 am



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3 responses to “Not Quite In Season

  1. Thanks Peg and a Happy Mother’s Day to you, too.

  2. fishgrip

    I love that sour-faced strawberry-lovin’ son o’ mine! And my picture-drawin’ pickle-y puss! Thank you for being there for them… for us. Happy belated mother’s day to you too. Better yet, “Happy Ant Pig Day!” We love you. I love you.

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