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Proud Mama

I don’t really blog much about our son. He just turned 33 and he’s a pretty cool person. He always has been, actually. To say that I’m incredibly proud of him would be the hugest understatement. And he’s had some pretty tough obstacles in his life but he has never used them as an excuse for any curve that life has thrown him.

He didn’t really figure out what he wanted to do when he was in high school or when he took some classes at the county college or even worked in retail and customer service and on the turnpike.

He fronted a band in Philly for a number of years. At some point, when he was out of work after the customer service job fell flat, he went to school for broadcasting. He tended bar and waited tables on South Street and did the band thing. He did some video editing for a while. The subject matter was unsavory so he quit that and made plans to move to California.  He didn’t move to California. He ended up working for a skate boarder who had a pretty successful show on MTV.

He started that job as a production assistant. At 28, he was lot older than the guys at that worked with him. He stuck with it, worked hard, made some contacts, worked harder, moved to California, worked harder still and came back East. He worked harder and harder, got a couple of producer credits, did some event coordination and moved to Brooklyn.

He’s been working some great jobs lately like the Tribeca Film Festival and now, the Rainforest Concert. He thought he was going to be able to get some tickets so he asked me to keep Thursday open because James Taylor and his kids were going to be performing, Billy Joel and his daughter, Sting, Chris Botti. It would have been awesome because he knows what a fan I am of James Taylor – he’s a fan also – a huge fan! The tickets didn’t work out but that’s ok I’m still proud of him. Today I got this email from him: 

So I’m working in this little room in our rehearsal space. We have some of James’ bags in the room and he just walked in with his Production Manager to get something out of his bags. The room is kinda dark and James is searching through the bags…so I flip on the overhead lights and I was like, “let’s shed a little light on it”. Then I realized what I had just said and laughed out loud!! I don’t think he got it, but it was funny to me!

I am so proud of my son! And yes, a little jealous… ;-)



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