Yahoo Horoscope 4/25/08

I’ve been sitting here trying to stretch my work into next week. In between drinking coffee and trips to the ladies’ room, I’ve been hitting the job boards and getting the old resume’ out there again. Yep, I’m starting to hyperventilate over unemployment and I haven’t even finished THIS gig!
Granted, there’s not too much left to do here and I’m thinking that the project manager could pull the job when he gets back from vacation. My co-worker-in-crime isn’t even here today. I know he’s busy searching out management positions and trying to get his own business sold.
So as I found myself second-guessing my skill set and picking up the behaviors that started bringing me down in my previous unemployed life, i clicked on my daily horoscope. Of course, I put as much stock in horoscopes as I put in fortune cookies but because I believe that there are no coincidences with God, I decided to pay attention to this one:

Instead of focusing so much on your future, focus on day-to-day living. Play a bit.

Yeah, I think I’ll heed this one…
Godspell again –

So don’t waste your time asking “What am I to eat? What am I to drink?”
What AM I to eat?

Perhaps I’ll spend the day blogging…


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