Cubicle Quarrels

This is totally happening as I write. There’s a guy who sits 5 cubes down from me and I think, from all the years of vibration testing, he has some hearing issues so he talks REALLY LOUD. He also uses his speakerphone – often – all the time. So there’s an older guy who sits 4 cubes down from me – you know right next to Loud Guy. Well, every once in a while, Older Guy makes fart sounds – you know, the old bi-labial fricative popularized by Mr. George Carlin.
There are tears streaming down my face because all of a sudden this guy will make this really loud fart sound in hopes that Loud Guy will use his handset and not the speakerphone.
So guess who walks in? The new Director of the group – omg! True.
Welcome to my world..

edited for Cappy



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7 responses to “Cubicle Quarrels

  1. Heather

    This is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Hoo hoo. Please just give him a break! Come on!

  2. doooooood – true. I can’t make this shit up!

  3. mama, you’ve been busy and it’s not that I’ve been ignoring you, it’s just that every time I come to your blog I’m sitting at the kitchen table and the lighting makes it hard for me to read those little words. Maybe you can make the bold or black, maybe.

    now that is the funniest story I’ve heard in a long time. and even funnier if that video is from you taping the whole thing.

  4. WOW! thanks mama, that is 110% better. when i opened your page it jumped out at me like coal from a flaming fire. Sssss….

  5. I love the bold black letters. It says mamapeg loves me.

  6. Totally.
    And that youtube was one I found to illustrate how crazy offices can get…
    Have a good one all!

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