The Great Unknown

Let me attempt to get words on screen so that I can finally fall asleep since I’ve been trying to do so for the last two hours.
I believe that there is something more to living than what we do day in and day out.
I believe that there is a purpose and a reason for being where we are, who we’re with and when we’re there.
I’m not saying I understand why or wherefore. I just believe that there is a Reason.
The people who become a part of our very being… The person we meet as we wait in line… The people who have formed us and loved us and nurtured us… there’s a Reason.
Our lives take detours… things happen that we don’t understand… deaths, births, unions, separations.
There’s Someone – and it’s not me – who has the answers.
So I thank that Reason, that Reality, and now maybe I can sleep – oh and here are a couple of angels to lullaby me:

ed note 7:49 am: I believe that we’re dealt our hand in life but I also believe that we are given the tools to play that hand. I did get some sleep… finally. 



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    Don’t ever leave me.

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