Whew, I’m Tired Today!

As I made the left onto my street failing to use my turn signal, I realized I was being followed by a patrol car. As soon as I turned, the lights started spinnning. Pulled onto the property and rolled down my window, fished out my license and asked, “Was I speeding, Officer?”
He checked my license and said, “No, that’s not why I stopped you. I stopped you because you had trouble keeping your vehicle between the lines. You crossed over the double line and then over the other way. Also, you failed to use your turn signal. And you have a rear taillight out.”
I just told him I was really tired and I knew about the taillight- I have a replacement in the back of my car and my brother is going to replace it for me.
No ticket though!
This is one of the reasons, I’m tired:
We played a benefit for a young boy named Matthew on Sunday. We played “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” – The Animals and “Changes” – David Bowie among other tunes. John Runyan of the Eagles was there.  Thanks to Jill for being our videographer!


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4 responses to “Whew, I’m Tired Today!

  1. Awesome! But you were either cut out or hiding behind the mic.

    you guys are great.

  2. Those guys are a lot cuter than I am ;-)

  3. Wait, are you in Stone Harbor?? I’m going to freak if you are! That would totally rock if you were because Keyser and I surf almost every Fri. and Sat. night in S.H. over the summer. You don’t hang at that nunnery do you? I love that place.

    I hope I’m not talking to myself. But that may be the case and if so, carry on around me.

    I just love Stone Harbor more than anything in the world. Anything.

  4. I’m not in Stone Harbor right now – a little more north. When I stay at my brother’s I’m in the Crest – just a hop, skip and a jump away. I think there might have to be a reunion sometime this summer.

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