Meeting Cappy

My links on the right are mainly people that I know and love – family, friends, organizations close to my heart. Some of those links, however, are cyber-friends, people with whom I’ve developed a virtual relationship. Take for instance the link to the novelist, Julie Luongo. She’s a good mix of virtual and real. I’ve met Julie a couple of times, talked to her on the phone a few more times and kept up with her shenaigans through my son who is her friend. Through her blog, I have come to know her better and yes, come to treasure the relationship that has grown through posts and comments. Sounds crazy, no?

Then there is my family representing with Ernie & Neal, Neener’s Blog, Sunlight and Shade, The Great Dadoo, The Town News.  My brother, my sister-in-law, my niece, my dad and my sister all have websites and/or blogs. My friends over at Junk Mail Galaxy provide podcasts filled with musings about the direct mail/marketing industry along with good music and general silliness. Another friend provides a bit of culture and the blues in the deep recesses of northern South Jersey with his framing store and art gallery and free wine.

And then there are those folks that I have come to know, like Julie, through posts and comments and game rooms and IMs. People may say that I’m crazy but I really have come to appreciate what they have shared and while I have come close to meeting one of them and hope to meet one today, I may never meet the others.. although there’s always Stone Harbor… 

Whatever the case, it’s all good – this cyber sharing. Cappy, Spank, Sissy and the ‘Goose are good blog buddies and maybe some day we’ll get together for chips and taco dip!

I started my own blog as a way to rant about the craziness that was surrounding me when my son moved to California. It was mostly stupid stuff – quizzes and crap. But lately, I’ve delved deeper and shared a little more and it has become therapy in a sense. Over at Toga, we even have a Therapy Room. 

Who knew?



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10 responses to “Meeting Cappy

  1. Been reading for a while now. Just wanted to say good job.

    Chris Tackett

  2. It’s amazing how we’ve come to care for people we’ve never met, until last night when I crossed over and made my E-friend a real life friend.

  3. Nice home! I like the new look. I liked the one before this but I really like this one.

  4. Heather

    I love it. Hope you two stayed out of/got into trouble.

  5. 1 from column A, 1 from Column B. And I met cousin Michelle too!

  6. Timity

    My first venture into blogland of margie.Love the little stories. Big 50 here last week. I dont feel any older.Just wanted to say hello.

  7. Oh man! What a friend I am! My own Tim-tim-timiny and I forgot the big 5-0. Happy Birthday!

  8. OMG!!! You said STONE HARBOR!!!! Is there a reunion??? A night out? A road trip????? Are we all a degree separated by Stone Harbor???

    Julie and I used to think we met in Stone Harbor as kids. Then we realized it was something different. I think I wrote that story once. I’ll have to repost it.

    I really enjoy my blog friends. They are real for me. I discovered this when Gary stopped making rounds and I missed him. I can miss someone who was never there.

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