At the Shore

So here’s the deal. I am living a block and a half from the beach. I haven’t even walked up the street to see the ocean yet! I’m pretty busy that’s for sure.

I get to work at 7 am and work until 5 or later. I park in the contractor parking lot so it is about a 10 minute walk to my building. Since it’s winter, it’s usually a brisk walk.

Sometimes I leave at 4:30 and stop at the grocery store for some produce. While cooking dinner, I sometimes treat myself to a bourbon. I cook a nice dinner of chicken or fish, a little jasmine rice, sautéed zucchini. I wash the dishes and pans. I sit at my computer and watch Jeopardy. Sometimes I have a decent Internet connection and can play my games and catch up on with my blogging buddies. In the morning, I make some coffee, shower, eat breakfast and head for the mainland!

Today I had the opportunity to leave at 4:30 so I came home and tried to sketch a still life but it wasn’t happening for me. It was also snowing so I declined a walk to the beach although I’m sure I missed an opportunity somewhere! No bourbon tonight – no treat.

The job… well, I like what I’m doing. It is really stimulating work. It requires a great deal of thinking and concentration and attention to detail. It has nothing to do with Ethernet or authenticating or printer jams or IP addresses or DNS or email or FTP. I’m the customer for a change and it’s kind of cool.

I enjoy the other team members. They are really smart and they work hard too. I feel like I’m making a difference. I’m also making a shitload of money and that is never a bad deal!

When my position was eliminated, I really felt like a failure. Sure, it wasn’t because I lacked skills or ability. I just felt like my very cool personality had failed me and that if I had been more likable, I never would have been unemployed. I realize now – that kind of reasoning is just plain crazy.

So it’s kind of cool to be living at the shore by myself. It’s like being on a little retreat because I have plenty of quiet time. Of course, I keep the heat pretty low because it’s electric heat and really expensive. Now, if I work at a nuclear plant, don’t you think I should get some kind of utility discount?

I had auditioned for the children’s theater show and had a small part. I had to drop out when I accepted this position. I’m still slated to do the high school show – Godspell, one of my favorites. It shouldn’t be too taxing – I’m using the same players I used 12 years ago. So I’ve managed to keep the creativity going!

Being here is like being on a little retreat. I have solitude and peace. It’s almost surreal. I pray a little more than usual. Go to bed earlier than usual – except for on Wednesday nights because LOST is on.  Tonight I talked to a bunch of people on the phone for a long time. I talked to my husband, my nephew, my girlfriend, my other girlfriend, my sister-in-law and my son. It was good to catch up and it made me realize what a blessing this time has been.

So from the shore, I’ll say goodnight.



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7 responses to “At the Shore

  1. loudad

    I almost envy you. Many years ago I rented the upstairs for a month, and when I was alone it was great. Not that I didn’t like the company, it’s just that the quiet time was also gooood.
    I e-mailed u about my printer and that explains all in that realm. I did get a short I-mail from Doon, with a promise of a call. Nothing yet, but I know he’s busy.
    Dinner at Neeners and nealers tonight and I get to hold Gianni. See you Sunday, I guess.

  2. fishgrip

    It’s sounds like a good time for you. Solitude can be so invigorating. And you have such a great appreciation for where life may lead you.

    Gianni said “beebee” today, but I’m not taunting you.

  3. Mary Anne

    I checked out your blog for the first time. I’m sitting here in bed, resting my aching feet. But I’m comfortable and warm. The shore is a cool place in the off season. It has an entirely different personality, much more contemplative. That’s why the nuns and priests always had big shore retreats.
    Miss you at chemo but I’m doing well on my own since I get claritin and am not in a fog. A friend at church is at Jefferson going through treatment for leukemia. Each Wed. I’m at Penn I stop by and visit her on the way home. It’s nice for both of us. BTW, she had a good bone marrow test after her first round and will be going home in a couple of weeks. Then she will be back for another round.

    Well, that’s all. Time to hit the hay!

  4. Neenee

    Glad to “read” you are doing well. As close as I am to the beach, you would think I would visit much more as it is very soothing to me as well.

    Think I will try it soon.

  5. Wednesday morning there was a huge storm here. When I walked out the front door at 6 am to leave for work, I could hear the waves crashing on the beach. I stood in the dark for a few minutes, and soaked in that sound…

  6. Sandy

    Hi Peg,
    I have no idea how I got to this site or what the heck it is, but you all seem like you are having fun without me…and you know how I feel about that. Well, from what I read you are working at the shore. Peg, this is the best time of life to be doing something like that, I am so proud of you for doing the alone thing and so happy you get this at this time of your life. I always thought that once Shana was grown, I would move somewhere and work. I pictured me as a waitress in a small cafe in a small town where you know everyone and everyone cares for each other, with lots of free time to do those things I put off for so long. Anyway, I hadn’t heard about your job before this so I will have to call Sue to get the scoop. Enjoy the time. Being near the ocean is like being near God. Tell him I said HI !! Love to you. You are a role model and someone to emulate. Kisses, Sandy

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