New Adventure

livingroom.jpgFor the next couple of months, this is my crib. kitchen.jpgWhile I’m working in the area, I’m staying at a relative’s beach house.  living.jpg Amazing, huh?



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8 responses to “New Adventure

  1. sunlightandshade

    I love how wordpress is open on your computer. No wonder you always respond so fast! I’m totally coming for a visit after my internship is over.

  2. I’m totally happy for you. If it becomes a permanent job will you have to live in that beach house for ever, which by the way looks awesome and fun. It’s always nice to have a change, a new adventure. It’s Refreshing, exhilarating, peaceful, spontaneous, exciting, inspiring, daring, scary.

    good luck and keep in touch where ever you may be out there.

    How far is forked river?

    Peace out.

  3. fishgrip

    We’re happy for you too, but Gianni misses his Aunt Peg…

    So does Lina and Neal and Neener and yeah, even Snickers. (Damn.)

    We’ll survive, I suppose. So go on and l eave if you must. But know this – the gaping hole you leave behind will never be filled. Ever.

    Why can’t we just be independently wealthy so we can hire you to stay at our house all the time, laughing from your belly and snapping photos all the live long day to post on your blog?

  4. Just thinking about you, hope the job is going well.

  5. aw, thanks Cap. Things are going very well! Blessings on you and your family!

  6. loudad

    When the weather breaks ,,, can I visit for a day???

  7. Nice! Hey, if you have to get to work at 7am, you might as well have a great view when you wake. Congratulations. I hope you love it!

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