I sent this to my 6 am Faith Sharing group

Peace to all of my dear friends,
I have some good news and some bad news.
The good news is: I have a job – it is a contract job at a nuclear plant. I start training on  Monday and the job will last until mid-May, perhaps longer, perhaps permanent – Please pray for all of the above! If I can get a permanent full-time job, we won’t be moving any time soon.
The bad news is that I have to be there at 7 am. This means I will be missing our weekly sharing.  Please know that I will be with you in Spirit and that you are all very close to my heart, particularly at this time of the year.
When I was let go in November, I didn’t understand what God had in mind – I still don’t understand but let me tell you what I have been able to do:
I have been able to spend quality time with my girlfriend, MaryAnne, who is fighting ovarian cancer. I have had the privilege of accompanying her to her chemotherapy treatments and of praying with her and for her. Please keep her in your prayers. Many of you may remember her – she taught i te area for many years.
I have been able to visit my dear friend, Sister Pam, who I have known since 1976 when she was stationed at St Peters. I learned so much liturgy from her and we have only seen each other at funerals in the last 12 years so it was nice to travel to Newport News to spend time with her and the community there.
I have spent countless hours with my youngest brother, my sister-in-law and their children. The 11 month old and 6 year old brought my imagination alive and reminded me of the unconditional love of our Creator.
I was able to accompany my dad and sister-in-law to art lessons and I fed that creative part of me that got a little depleted while I was working so hard at my job.
I found time to arrange music for Christmas liturgy and time to make sure that our young cellist had parts to play on Saturday night.
I didn’t get my house cleaned out so we could sell it. I didn’t travel to North Carolina as often as I thought I would. My husband is still there but we are looking forward to when his commitment is complete. I was able to help my son shop for furniture and other items for his apartment in Brooklyn.
So for now I am again putting my trust in Jesus and letting him take me on a new adventure.  In God’s will, I find peace. I’m not sure if any of this will pan out but I’m embracing the situation and looking for the next right  answer.


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4 responses to “I sent this to my 6 am Faith Sharing group

  1. Heather

    Beautiful, Peg.

  2. Heather

    Prayers for MaryAnne.

  3. sunlightandshade

    Your house looks so lonely with nobody home! I miss you! Hope you’re home for Lost!

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