C’est La Vie

I was waiting to do this great post. It was going to be about my interview and the job I was going to get. 

It was going to be about how I got all dressed up, bought a new suit that I couldn’t afford and great Italian shoes and makeup.

It was going to be about my great resume’ compliments of Julie Luongo.

It was going to be about the rapport I established with my potential employer and the great follow up letter I wrote.

It was going to be about the excitement I felt when the headhunter called me and said “I have great news.” That’s not what she said though. She said “I have bad news.” And I thought she was joking… but she wasn’t.

It’s ok though. I have a little consulting gig I’m doing. I also have some prospects and the headhunter said she’d keep looking for me…. I really didn’t want to drive through Philly every day to get to work, even though it was near Sissy and Cappy. And I certainly didn’t want to have to dress in a freaking suit every day.

I didn’t even really want the job. I just convinced myself that it was the right thing to do.

In any case, it’s not the end of the world. The end of the world is the other phone call I got today. The one from a former co-worker who told me that another one of our co-workers died today. He had lung cancer. He was young – maybe late 30s and had a 10 year old daughter. He smoked like a fiend. Yeah. He died today. And that’s what really sucks!



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15 responses to “C’est La Vie

  1. Heather

    I’m sorry to hear that. Peace for him and the people who miss him.

  2. I so feel for this guy’s family – He had an interestng story. And he was a musician, of course – had a lot of Martin guitars. Gad, it’s a crazy world.

  3. And I guss now I’ll have more time to play with the little ones. And maybe school.

  4. Oh and in case you’re wondering, I DID lose my Freecell game yesterday morning.

  5. Heather

    With your indulgence, tips from someone who only really knows how to do this one thing… Send the resume again when a job meets YOUR criteria. My experience has been that the less specific I am, the worse fit the job is. Get really, really granular about what you’re looking for, what kind of job would make Peg happy (not simply “more money”, but “x amount per year with x benefits”; not “travel more” but “travel to Italy twice a year”, etc.) – spell it out on paper, even, down to the last detail – then only pursue jobs (or schools!) that match that vision. And be bold! Imagine life the way you want it, and wherever possible, chip away everything that isn’t that, or on the way to that. Like traveling through the jungle with a machete. Or sculpting a great work of art. Your life is your masterpiece. Knock it out of the park.

    “He believed that every stone had a sculpture within it, and that the work of sculpting was simply a matter of chipping away all that was not a part of the statue.” Wikipedia on Michelangelo

  6. Heather

    And yes, I was wondering. :)

    I’m on my way to date-land. Prayers, please! Yikes.

  7. Neener

    The greatness of that post is in your not getting the job.

  8. You may be right. I may be crazy! Already my life is taking another turn. I’m going to find out about upgrading my technical skills which would be 12 credits at BCC – tuition waived! And I’m going to be able to job hunt and consult a bit. And… and… and maybe even help my brother and sister-in-law with some day-time babysitting duties because the classes are 2 nights a week!

  9. POP

    Remember Peg, when one door closes another one opens. The right thing will come up and then peace of mind sets in. Thanks to “DOLLY” for that bit of advice.
    I love you Honey.

  10. Neener

    I love YOU! Hey… Pop commented. He never does that. I told you the post was great.

  11. I love you too, Dad! And I am A-OK!

  12. Traffic, work, traffic. Sounds horrible. Kids, consulting, classes. Sounds great! XO Sorry about your friend.

  13. cappy

    Just stopped by to say Hi. Hi. Sounds like you’ve got a plan. That’s awesome, Peg. I’m happy for you.

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