Don’t cry for me, Argentina.

This is what I’ve been up to on my days off.



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13 responses to “Don’t cry for me, Argentina.

  1. Heather

    I am so jealous of you right now.

  2. fishgrip

    My God, I love my kids.

    And I love YOU!

  3. Heather


    Are those your babies? They are adorable! And have an awesome grandma, no?

  4. Joyfully, Fishgrip is my sister-in-law and they are her babies and I am their proud aunt. Dooner is the little girl’s godfather and my sister and i share the godmother role for the little guy.

  5. thetownnews

    Peg, the part with them jumping together is so sweet. Enjoy your time off!

  6. fishgrip

    Yes! They’re my babies! I am blessed! I am blessed!

  7. Shiny happy boy and Neener’s mini-me. How fun.

  8. That is too precious…

    I LOL’d at crash “I’m OK, we’re good… everybody jump”.

  9. Hazel, my four-year-old, commented, “See mom? THAT’S why I want to you have another baby. ‘Cause we need one of those jumpy seats.”

    You are a lucky woman, Mama Peg.

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