What do I do now? Blog, of course!

One thing I ask, this alone I seek, to dwell in the house of the Lord all my days. For one day within Your temple heals everyday alone. O Lord, bring me to Your dwelling. Hear, O Lord, the sound of my calling. Hear, O Lord, and show me Your way. The Lord is my light and salvation. The Lord is my refuge, whom should I fear? Wait on the Lord, and hope in His Mercy. Wait on the Lord, and live in His love. – Tim Manion, “This Alone” (text based on Psalm 27)

I went to the gym this morning. I tried not to go. I woke up at 5:45 am, well-rested after a solid night’s sleep – the best sleep I’ve had in months. I thought, “I’ll just go back to bed for a while, then I’ll go to the gym. Or, or I can start tomorrow. Or Monday. I climbed under the covers and couldn’t relax. I knew I had to go. So-o-o-o, I got up and went. I feel pretty good right about now.
I went to Mass this morning, I didn’t really try not to go but I thought, “I should take care of some business now.” I’m glad I went. The community is comforting. I smiled a lot as old friends shuffled in. I realized how much I missed it. The readings were appropriate for the challenges I’m facing.
Now I need to do something that I’m really dreading. I know I have to do it but I don’t want to rehash my employment history. I know that if I don’t do this, there will be financial repercussions.
But on the bright side, I’m going shopping. Dooner and I are going to the Verizon store so I can get a cell phone. My old one went with my job.phone.jpg
I’ve really been given a gift. I now have time to get myself together – spiritually and physically. With those in tune, the mental part will be fine.
I am also blessed because Dooner is home right now and we have agreed to work on the house together to get it ready to be sold. I will also be able to go and spend some time with my husband while he works so far away. This is a blessing in disguise. I know it is.



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11 responses to “What do I do now? Blog, of course!

  1. POP

    And if you need ANYTHING (underline anything), you know my number.
    God I love you, and the whole clan. How lucky can one man be.

  2. What are you talking about, rehashing your employment history? We already did that! It wasn’t so bad. If you need help, just email me, woman!

  3. thetownnews

    This really is your time, Peg. You deserve this – you need it.
    You hit the nail on the head, it’s a blessing in disguise.

  4. fishgrip

    Congratulations. ;-) I love you.

  5. vicki

    Its not in disguise, its very obvious, and i think hubbys been praying real hard for some company.

  6. Peggi,

    You are surrounded by people who love you. Remember this always, for it is a great place to be.

    I miss you. It’s wayyy too quiet in this room.

  7. yah – it’s the folks that I miss!

  8. Echmoa

    Pegg!! Happy Thanksgiving today…Sounds to me like youre about to start a whole new exciting journey…. time to grab it with both hands.

    I know what you mean.. I was missing everyone the first few days.. but I call them sometimes and we meet for lunch.. so its nice. But its also nice to be able to go on without all the baggage..

    Take care Peg.. Go join your husband and have some “PEG” time… see you soon

  9. Aw Peg, I am alittle late in the game huh? Caught up in my own little soap opera…whatta chump I am??

    How are you?? any prospects?? I feel for you…it is not a good feeling to have that kinda free time when it wasnt your choice right??

    I am working now and I have a few things on the horizon, but its going to be a big huge struggle for me financially and mentally to get back in the game when i have drifted in hell home job for 5 years. but i am up to the challange, i think and i know you will be too!! YOUR my mom for goodness sakes.

  10. that is most excellent news.

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