This post started back in February. I doubt that I will ever complete it. It is a love song really – not so much a post.

There is a person in my life who asks one thing of me – only to be loved. He is so handsome and sweet. He has so many hidden talents. He continues to amaze me. Every time I see him, I learn something new about him. I am crazy, mad in love with him.

When we have been apart for a while, I cannot wait to get my hands on him. I smother his face with kisses. His smile will stop me in my tracks.

I know he loves me because of the smile I see on his face when I talk to him!

My favorite moments are when I am holding him in my arms and he falls asleep smiling at me!

I always whisper to him that I love him… but I needed to shout it all over the Internet.

He makes my heart explode and ache at the same time.

I wonder what our relationship will be in a year – in 5 years – in 10 years. Still, I savor the moments of now.


I love you, baby!




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12 responses to “Love

  1. echmoa

    how beautiful.. your love song will just grow and grow as he will.. and as he grows will add his words to the song too peg… what a lovely thought.. huggs

  2. dolayne

    Aww Peg… He’s beautiful!!!

  3. awwwwwwwww sniff sniff, wipes tears…love it. well done!

  4. This child has the most pleasant personality as well. And a great belly laugh!

  5. and as he grows will add his words to the song too peg
    forgot about that part, ech! Thanks

  6. Oh, the belly laughing babies are the best.

  7. I miss the belly laughs. My four-year-old has the best belly chuckly I’ve ever heard. But she is a reserved child and frustrated at that. So I hear more shrieking than I do belly chuckling. But when she does all-out laugh, I stop in my tracks and soak in the drug.

  8. loudad

    Bravo Peggi,,, I wish I could have said it so eloquently.
    Truly he is a beautiful baby, and I love to see him and hold him, just aas you said. Thanks,

  9. if you saw him – you would understand

  10. spanky

    how ya feeling peg-a-roo?

  11. I’m good, spank – mighty tired and busier than a one legged paper hanger in an ass-kicking contest.

  12. Jesse

    Wow he is a cutie for sure and as the years go by ur love song will grow with him , I am sure. The two of you are so blessed. Thanx for sharing, hunni..

    huge hugzzzzz always

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