Marc Broussard makes good music

This guy is the total shit! Dooner saw him in NYC like 2 summers ago. His first impression was, “Ugh, this dude is gonna be an asshole…”, but, as Dooner said later, he was totally cool, an awesome dude and a hell of a musician.
One of my on-line friends lives in the town where he grew up. She’s watched him grow and concurs – he’s a very talented young man!

I’ll be seeing him live on July 22!!!

Yeah – Looking forward to the weekend…



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8 responses to “Marc Broussard makes good music

  1. I thought the same thing as Dooner. How terrible of us. But he looks like guys I’ve known who are assholes. He’s a victim of facial stereotyping!

  2. Heather

    Julie! That was really funny! You know, facial profiling is rampant in our society. I think I might have just done it myself this morning. I… I’m so ashamed.

  3. Pegster

    He does have that look…

  4. Peg, THANK YOU! I love him! I was just rummaging through my CD’s and roaming around iTunes in search of something new or something old I haven’t listened to in a while. This guy has filled my void.

    And I agree with Julie. He is a victim of his face. He looks like a jerk. And I think his sweatshirt says something stupid. I wouldn’t know, though. I’ve never really said anything stupid. Maybe someday.

  5. spanky

    i think that is where the term “jerk face” came from.

    i did not know i could get on this blog and i am delighted to find out that i can.

  6. Where. Is. Dooner. All the trouble I put into getting to this site and this is what I get? Disappointing, Peg. Very disheartening. Now upload those baby pictures and get busy with that bio.

  7. spanky

    dooner has his own swanky site…a site in whcih i cannot post comments because i am not worthy

  8. He is totally going to kill me!

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