Last Day of June, First Day of WordPress

Me At Work

It’s me… I’m here! Dayv took this photograph and then PhotoShopped it onto my monitor. He’s crafty like that, often creating morale-boosting PhotoShops for our happy group of co-workers. It’s best if no one mentions this to our boss.

The reason I’m here – let’s see…

Wait, wait – ALERT! I found my freaking bifocals! Oh my word – I lost them more than 6 months ago – I wear contacts and use readers for up close stuff… so I’ve managed ok but sometimes, you just want to pop on the bifocals to go to the gym in the morning so you can read the machine settings without using readers! OMG!!!! I found them, you’ll never guess where!!! Well, because I didn’t even know where they were. They were in the magazine rack next to the toilet in our main bathroom! Yep – that’s where I found them. I was cleaning this morning and decided to clean out the rack – which I rarely (as you may have guessed) do. As I lifted an old magazine, Holy Cats, there they were!

Ok – back to cleaning – more another day… but let me just say this, I feel very comfortable in this skin! And that’s one of the reasons I’m here now. Blogger lost my last post and I am so done with them!!!! So done!

To all my WordPress friends – Hola!



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5 responses to “Last Day of June, First Day of WordPress

  1. Nice. Now you have to log in so when you comment your name links to your new blog.

    Oh, and yay for the Ernie and Neal link…my sister need all of those CDs. I think she wore the first set out!

  2. justplaininsane

    Julie, like my avatar?

  3. Heather

    WordPress bloggers holla back atcha, Peg. It’s so much more fun than Blogger. I started with Blogger, too. The only bad thing is you can’t put a lot of cool Java-based widgets in, but who cares? WordPress gots the teeny boxes wif faces in dem! Yay!

  4. Nice avatar. I like it better than the back of your head photo, which is also nice, just not your best side if you ask me.

  5. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

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