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If someone were to ask me about my likes and …

If someone were to ask me about my likes and dislikes, I’d have to admit that the thing I dislike most is goodbyes. When I left my job 5 years ago, it was hard saying goodbye to the friends I’d made over those 13 years. By the grace of God, I have managed to retain a relationship with 3 of those folks.
I am a horrible friend. My best friend from high school lives near Scranton now. She used to live 10 miles away and we saw each other so infrequently that I often got lost going to her house. We worked in high school theater for so many years. We shared so much and now that she’s in Scranton, I’m lucky if I see her twice a year. It’s interesting though, because when we see each other, we just pick up where we left off and it’s like we were never apart.
While looking at the video and pictures I’ve taken over the past few months, it’s hard to remember Robert when he was clean-shaven and had short hair.Speaking of Robert, last night as we left the theater, I asked him what he’s working on next and he said, “Oh I have a show on Sunday. I have an all day rehearsal tomorrow, our show tomorrow night and I open on Sunday.” I know Mike is already rehearsing as well as Dana. These folks are amazing.And I have had the amazing good fortune to work with them all!
I think Albert really said it well last night… He’s been on Broadway and been in touring companies of shows. He said he’d been in shows that have had million dollar budgets, but he’s as proud of this show as any of those! Everyone was just so talented and he really respected everyone’s abilities. I don’t think it was only the gin talking. I think he was sincere.
It’s funny that the end of this show is bringing out all of these feelings. I really tried hard not to care very much about these folks. They are all so talented and will continue to perform. It is sheer luck that I have been able to perform with them. I am continually humbled by their brilliance. And so when we take our final bow and all go our separate ways, I may not see them again. It is certainly a tragedy. And what’s more – it makes me very sad.
Then again… David said he’d like to sing with us at church. Anne said she’d help me find a song if I wanted to audition for another show. And I sense that I have not seen the last of Jack and Cathy. I hope that Jeff will keep in touch – especially when he comes back from Italy. I would like to go to see some of the productions that all of these talented people will become involved in. Maybe, if I just try to be a better friend…
It will be hard not to cry. I think I will not be alone!

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