An update! I was nervous. Heck, my hands were sha…

An update!

I was nervous. Heck, my hands were shaking. Was it wonderful? It was awesome. I can’t think of how it would’ve been a better opening night.

I talked to a former student when I arrived at the theater. “What did I ever tell you about not being nervous?” I asked him. I realized I never said much about it. He answered, “When I was young, I never got nervous but as I got older, I got more nervous. At 14 and 15, it never bothered me, as I got more serious about what I was doing, nerves actually helped. I’d say that if you’re not nervous before a performance, you don’t care all that much.”

I liked the way that sounded! I really do care – so much so that I practiced guitar for nearly 2 hours and again after we warmed up and got in costume and makeup.

He also said, “Peg, if you think the rush you get from applause when you’re in the pit conducting or playing is wonderful – wait until you take your bow!!” It was a total rush… but I like the safety of the pit… that’s for sure!!


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