We open tonight and I am strangely serene… I shoul…

We open tonight and I am strangely serene… I should be frantic because I feel like missing those Friday night rehearsals put me at a disadvantage – I played catch up all week and still have to refer to my notes so that I know when to do what I have to do. It should be automatic at this point and it’s not. I also have to finish memorizing the songs I’m playing.
Monday night began “tech week”. We practiced in costume, got make up, (which consists largely of having our faces and hands dirtied), and dealt with lighting cues and props.
The set is complete and looks amazing. The space is small – the theater seats 98 and the stage and wing space are tiny, but Jim did a wonderful job with the set design and dressing. It just gets me all choked up whenever I enter the theater.
As a cast, we are having a good time. Looks like there’s an outing planned for Saturday night after the show and all are invited. The talent that is present on that stage is humbling. The acting is superb, yet, everyone is so down-to-earth.
After our final dress rehearsal, Robert, who plays Don Quixote (or DQ as the director nicknamed him) had a surprise for all of us. “In honor of our finally having a rehearsal with the entire cast present, I have some goodies for you.” And he produced a bag of ice cream novelties that he bought at”Dairy Queen”. I almost didn’t eat one because it was late, but I hadn’t had dinner and was having a huge headache because of the stress of the day and no food. Well guess what? That ice cream bar was the antidote and I slept like a baby when I got home.
Last night we had a night off and because I had to be in work at 6:00 am, I was asleep by 9:00 pm. I feel well rested and ready for whatever the day may bring.
I just hope I’m ready for the night!

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