Wow what a couple of amazing weeks. I feel like al…

Wow what a couple of amazing weeks. I feel like all I’ve been doing is sleeping, exercising, working, rehearsing and playing – oh wait… That’s exactly what I’ve been doing! Oh and a salad here and there…

Of course there was my little brother’s 40th birthday party last weekend and that was a total rockfest. He’s been in a lot of bands and there were representatives from several of them – Skinny Dick and the Wranglers , Ruder Than You, China White, and of course Ernie and Neal . And there were performances by all of them – all unrehearsed and still solid as a rock. Even Dooner and Denise performed.

Neal turning 40 was huge because he is the baby and it makes all of the rest of us feel ancient. I was 15 when he was born and my mom and dad had my younger brother, Rob, and I as godparents. I guess after 6 kids, they had gone as deep as they dared for godparents. There were probably 150 people there – well, our family counts for about 35 people and Denise’s family is another 12 or so. So she rented a hall with a stage and it totally rocked!

Of course we had rehearsal on Sunday so we were a little shaky but all in all, the week passed quickly and the performances have been really well done! The high school kids are amazing – their voices are so strong and they’ve worked hard and it shows in their energy and enthusiasm.

And it’s so amazing to be in the pit when Marky and Neal are playing together!

For me, this week should be a little easier because I only have one rehearsal and that’s Wednesday night. I have Big River at the high school Thursday morning, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and then I’m full on rehearsing for Man of LaMancha the last week in April. MOLM opens May 4.

We’re actually going out to dinner Tuesday night with our friends and, maybe, Dooner will be home a few days.

I will miss a rehearsal for Man Of LaMancha because of a Big River performance tonight. The cast is awesome and their voices are just wonderful. I’m playing guitar in a few scenes and I’ve been reading the music because I don’t have it memorized yet. I’m sure by opening, I’ll be ok but for right now, I’ll just be nervous.

And it looks like plans for moving are up in the air again… which is fine with me. I guess we’re going to try to ride the summer out and see what shakes out with Shelden’s company. It is a lot of ups and downs to deal with, but I’m not alone in the dealing and it’s gotta be rough on Shelden because his future is totally messed up!

I’m thankful that I have these shows to keep my mind off of the decision making and stuff. I guess we’ll spend the summer having yard sales and emptying the basement and attic. But for now – I’ll have fun!


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