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So I woke up this morning after a very restless n…

So I woke up this morning after a very restless night. Worried about my sister in law and the baby to come. She’d been contracting since Thursday but wasn’t dilating. She was very uncomfortable. She went into the hospital yesterday but nothing much was happenning.

We had a funeral to go to this morning – before we left, Neal called and said that Denise’s mom didn’t want to go to the hospital so if Sue and I wanted to come over – it would be cool! SO we went to the viewing and paid our respects… very sad.

But then we went to the hospital and were allowed to be in the labor and delivery. Denise was unbelievable too- when we got there they had given her an epidural so she wasn’t in much pain – just pressure from the contractions. And before we knew it, the doctor was there telling her to push.

We stayed at the hospital til about 3:30 – then I came back for church. Shel and I went out for Chinese food and my fortune read:

You see pictures in poems and poems in pictures. Here’s a poem titled Gianni Robert


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