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Well, here we go! Our high today was 21°f and that…

Well, here we go! Our high today was 21°f and that’s WARM. I’m pretty freaked that I have to go out tonight. I realized today how much I hate the cold. I mean I hate when it’s stinking hot too. I guess I hate weather extremes. I never minded the cold because I had a theory that you could keep bundling on clothes and such. Eventually you’d warm up… It just seems like sometimes it’s so cold you can’t get warm. I’ll try not to complain though. Like my 5-year old niece says “I’m hungry. I’m not starving. If I was starving, I’d be dieing.” God bless her little soul.
In any case, I do have to go out tonight. Rehearsing with Ernie for the CD release party on Saturday. It will be fun, but I dread going out once I get home! Also, Dooner will be home this weekend, so I think he is going to come to the gig.
I had my first rehearsal for The Sound of Music at my town’s high school on Sunday. I’m playing bass, which I love to do… and although I hate the show, I realized how brilliant the orchestration for this show is. I got goose bumps (or goose pumps, as the five-year old calls them) at certain points as we were rehearsing. Oh yes, I still hate My Favorite Things and will cringe as I play it, but some of the other music is wonderful.
Tomorrow night, I have my first rehearsal with Burlington County Footlighters, our local community theater group. This is the group I auditioned for and got a part in their production, of Man of La Mancha. It is a small part – just singing in the chorus and playing guitar, but I’m totally psyched to be a part of it. More on that in the future.
Thursday night, I will probably head up to the local Catholic high school, where I will be conducting Big River, a musical about Huckleberry Finn. The music is very cool for that show too – more modern than the other two shows. Some bluegrass and spirituals and then regular show-type tunes. Thursday night is call-backs for the students that auditioned. I’ll poke my head in and see what I have to work with!In the meantime, I’m listening to Rock the House! constantly so that I can learn the tunes for rehearsal tonight. These songs are also incredible – my brother Neal and his friend Ernie have written these tunes for their 5th CD and I think there isn’t a dud in the bunch! The tunes are catchy and the styles range from rock, to ska to jazz to Latin. They are very diverse.


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