lmao Are You A Bam Margera Fan? Congratulations! …


Are You A Bam Margera Fan?

Are you sure you’re not Bam?
Well you must be his biggest fan cause you sure know alot about him. You are definitely Bam worthy!!!

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How ridiculous is this???? Well, the BAM quiz cracked me up!!!! So ,I took this one:

How well do you remember the 80’s?

Totally Awesome, Totally Tubular, T

You know every 80’s song by heart, and will sing them on request. A day spent watching The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, Mr. Wizard, or Inspector Gadget would totally rock; and you know about “I love the 80’s”, “I love the 80’s Strikes Back!”, and “I love the 80’s: 3D” and wonder the the hell is taking so long for the next installment!

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Not much of a surprise with my answers to the 80’s quiz, so I took this one:

I’d say the personality quiz is fairly accurate so I decided to find out what my eyes say…

What do your eyes say ?


You have a shy personality, you only have a few friends that are close to you, and you are insecure. You are a follower rather then a leader, being in the spotlight brings out your insecurity. You think too much, you shouldn’t do that! Your personality tends to bring out depression or Anxiety. Your talent is to be able to blend in with any surrounding or any person for that matter.
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Now this was a surprise… Bashful? I need another opinion…

ULTIMATE Music Challenge


Good job on not sticking to one style of music to like. You\’ve apparently grasped what it means to explore music without limiting yourself to what\’s being played on the radio and on MTV. You have obviously done your homework, people should be jealous of you!

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Mad props to my family, WXPN and LaunchCast for exposing me to so many differnet kinds of music! So this one was just for fun:

What Disney Princess are you?


You see past the bad things in people. You also don’t settle for someone who is below your standards. You care about your education and you love your family. It takes a lot to win your heart, but once someone does they can count on you to be loyal.

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3 responses to “lmao Are You A Bam Margera Fan? Congratulations! …

  1. jessica miner

    i think that bam is so hott and fine and a great skarter.He played in jackass 2 and the 1st one 2 but i only seen the 2nd one and it was good.

  2. Make sure you check out MingHags and Dream Seller when they become available.

  3. brianna

    yo, bam rocks the extreme world. (plus the hardys)

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