3 days Holy cats! We’re so close. I am completely …

3 days
Holy cats! We’re so close. I am completely freaking because I wasted all those months and didn’t exercise so now – I need to lose, alright… realistically, 40 pounds in days. If I cut off my ass and my stomach, I could be really close to my goal weight.
At least my hair is dyed and cut. I was going to get a manicure and fake nails on Thursday morning, but Sue said it would be dumb because if I broke one while carrying luggage in Italy, I’d have no place to get it repaired. I guess she’s right.
I’ve got my technology plan in place because I spent like a month obsessing about not wanting to forget anything from this trip. I watched video from our trip in ’95 – my first trip to Italy. I went with Mom and Dad and Neal. I had an amazing time and a lot of great memories were captured on those videos by my dad.
Our first night in Venice, we had to go to dinner late because Mom took a shower (she was obsessed with cleanliness, my mom. She hated to sweat – I think that’s where I get it from… Go figure!!) Well, our luggage was delayed after our arrival so mom couldn’t get dressed. It was a riot but I remember being angry that we had to wait for her and couldn’t explore the city. I’m ashamed of that now… especially since when we finally got done dinner and went out to explore, it was about 9:00 p m and dark and Piazza San Marco was magical – and wasn’t one of the orchestras playing the Carmen Suite from the opera of the same name. It brought back so many memories of Saturday afternoons when my grandmother would be ironing and listening to opera on the radio sponsored by Texaco.
3 days…


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