11 Days So after church, Shel and I went to Boscov…

11 Days
So after church, Shel and I went to Boscov’s to buy a suitcase to replace the one that I’d used for years. Dooner used my old green suitcase when he went to Finland with Viva La Bam last summer. In fact, it figures prominently in that episode when they needed some luggage to surround Phil and April… but that’s a whole nother story!
Boscov’s had a lot of good luggage half off so I got a pretty good deal AND we got some Eagle’s shirts for the new season. We grabbed some grub at the Food Court and headed home with no real plans for the evening. As we drove down our street, Jerry was outside so we stopped and asked what they were up to. “VACATION PRACTICE“, he replied.
Vacation practice usually means backing the SUV into the driveway, cranking up the radio, pulling out some beach chairs and sitting around a cooler filled with cold ones. We didn’t need Jerry to tell us he had opened a bottle of chianti and was smoking a cigar… we just said “We’ll be right over.”
We parked the car and headed across the street. Sue joined us and pretty soon we were back to the guide books and pages she’d printed from the Internet. Three bottles of vino rosso later, I got a clear picture of Jerry’s Italy. I think I like it!
11 days!



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2 responses to “11 Days So after church, Shel and I went to Boscov…

  1. Lou

    What are you doing up at 3AM?
    I haven’t read your BLOG fo r a few days so I was surprised to see all the stuff you you had written. I am so happy that all of you seem so excited about your trip. I almost can’t wait for you to get home so I can be filled in. I will be away when you all leave,,, have a great time. I love you Peg.

  2. Momma

    I love you too, Dad. Couldn’t sleep! VERY EXCITED!!!

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