Summer’s Gone… Pretty much!!! Today we’re headin…

Summer’s Gone… Pretty much!!!
Today we’re heading for the shore in the remnants of Ernesto. It’s a bit chilly and it’s certainly raining. Last night, Shel thought it would be good to take an inch or so out of the pool given the amount of rain we were anticipating. When we woke up this morning, we expected to see the pool near to cresting… Nope – It was actually 3 inches emptier!
How might this happen, you ask. Simple – someone, who shall remain nameless, forgot to turn the valve off and the pool emptied itself overnight! It’s still raining so perhaps it will fill some more. In any case we’re not in any rush to get to the shore so I thought I’d spend some time updating.
This was a fun summer in many ways. Mike carpooled with me so the drive to and from work was usually pleasant, not to mention raucous. We laughed a lot… From the first Deer Park truck that began our drive to the Asbury sign at the end of our drive. A lot of in-between included the distasteful green building that had the word “adult” painted in black letters on the sides, the guys at the bus stops (the guy who was monochromatic by the pizza place, and the one down by the pub that has changed it’s reopening date 3 times), the crazy turbaned drivers including the many that park in our lot at work and the mad dash across 6 lanes of highway traffic going 65 mph.
So, yesterday as I drove to work, I realized that there was little traffic , owing to a holiday weekend. There wasn’t a Deer Park truck to be seen and the only laughter was my own, as I listened to WIP sports talk radio. I was thinking that it would be an uneventful ride, when I happened upon the distasteful green building and noticed a gentleman pushing a mop in a yellow bucket on wheels. I immediately skeeved and at present refuse to conjure up the image because thinking of what that guy was mopping – aaaaagggghhhh – I can’t do it.


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