October 1, 2006 Departure

So, comes the morning. We awake at 5:30 and, having showered the night before, dress quickly, pack, make a last sweep of the apartment and decide to start calling taxis. Well, as Dooner said in a comment in the first post, there’s no making phone calls in Italy. Really, the pay phones are ridiculous. Most of the time they don’t work, the other half of the time, they don’t work. We tried eight phones in the space of three blocks going up and down the Via Aurelia. None of them would work.

Kick into Plan B mode!

With the speed of Mercury, we decide to track down the elusive 64 bus…. And guess what??? We saw it making a turn right in front of us and heading for the stop in the next block. Shel yelled, “Let’s go!” and made a dash for it. He jumped on board and was surprised to see that I was right behind him! Hey, I DID run a marathon once!


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Filed under Family, Italian Adventure, Italy, Rome

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