44 Days Well, with Erika in Italy, Sue’s been hit…

44 Days


Well, with Erika in Italy, Sue’s been hitting the guidebooks again.Her excitement is contagious and I find myself scouring the web for comfortable shoes, luggage, and other deals.

I’m also double-checking train times and museum hours and possibilities for day trips. We’re also rethinking our first day in Italy. Perhaps it would be better to spend the day in Roma and take a night train to Venezia… eliminates a hotel stay and gives a refreshing morning arrival in Venice. We need to double-check with the rest of the group but travel is a good opportunity to think outside the box.

Look at me! I can’t even finish this post because I’m searching on line – not sure what I’m researching, but I keep clicking like a maniac.

I have this plan that I’ll be able to blog somewhat while we travel. There will be lots of train rides and many “internet points” so I suspect my plan will come to fruition.

I remember the thing I missed most, beside family, was good music. This time I have my little I-Pod shuffle. Hopefully, I can load it with some favorites. It amazes me that this culture with all of it’s great composers, artists, architects, etc., have the most horrible radio and TV programs. Also Italian pop music is abysmal. And apparently they like Madonna.


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