This is just amazing.Back in May, my sister and I …

This is just amazing.

Back in May, my sister and I went out to get some perennials to plant. Perennials are flowers or plants that don’t die after their season is over. They bloom or grow every year. I got some sedum and stuff.

Then we went and got some herbs – basil and flat parsley – and I picked up a four tomato plants. Got home, got everything planted in containers on the deck and then our neighbor came over to borrow our wheelbarrow.

Our neighbor is a pretty cool guy. He just doesn’t own a wheelbarrow and has no plans to ever own one. We didn’t really care about him borrowing it because we weren’t using it and it’s kind of nice to know that a tool is being useful to SOMEONE.

When he returned the wheelbarrow, he brought over two zucchini plants, four pepper plants and five more tomato plants. “Thanks for letting us borrow the wheelbarrow. Here are some vegetable plants. If you can use them, great, I was just going to throw them out because I didn’t have enough space to plant them.”

Well neither did I… so I dug up an area near the deck and in went the vegetables.

Now it’s August and this is what I got!!!!


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