48 days And I’ve done nothing but watch what I’m …

48 days

And I’ve done nothing but watch what I’m eating.

In any case, Erika is inItaly – been there since Saturday the 29th and will hopefully be there until the 12th of August. Unfortunately, Nate’s grandmother died and he may want to come back for the funeral on Tuesday. His grandfather told him to stay but I wouldn’t blame him either way.
They’ve been staying in a castle in Umbria and she’s been to Florence, had a cooking class at the castle, a full body massage… She is very fortunate to be on this trip. I can’t wait for our trip…

This picture is from our trip in 2004. It was taken from a window in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

I think we should start making our train reservations and also start reserving our museum trips… Not too many museums… I’m really interested in people and love to watch the interactions.

This is a picture taken in the little town of Gaiole in Chianti. We stayed on the grounds of a castle in that town in 2004. It wasn’t a particularly sunny day, but people were out and about it was either 5:00 pm or 10:00 am depending on whether the camera was on Italian time or Eastern! (I think it was morning…) People were out and about and it’s just such a peaceful place.


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