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Have you heard David Lee Roth do the bluegrass version of “Jump” from the Strummin’ with the Devil CD? It’s sort of growing on me… although I think Eddie would have issues with it!

Andy did this incredible version of Tarkus. Well – Tarkus is pretty frightening, but his interpretation is just plain brilliant! He has an amazing sense of rhythm. He also has the uncanny ability to laugh at himself. Why he would ever try to cover Tarkus is one question that defies an answer. Another question is simply “Why?” I’ve given up asking any questions.

I found my Marc Broussard CD – I thought it was lost but it ended up being in my car CD player. I had it on my IPOD so I wasn’t so worried about not ever hearing it again… I just was pissed that I lost it.

Last night I heard that amazing version of Wanted Dead Or Alive – the live BonJovi one… This Left feels Right I think is the album.

Which brings me back to Strummin’ with the Devil… what WAS he thinking? Did poor Eddie give his approval? Did he need to give his approval? Are things that bad that they David needed to do this album? OK, so he failed miserably on WYSP… was that such a shock?

Which begs another question? WHAT has happened to WYSP? Oh sure, in the wake of Howard Stern, the station was doomed, but what about the MUSIC???? I find myself listening to WXPN more often than not… sometimes WMGK – classic rock, now that Mike and I carpool.

There’s a large rubber cockroach on my desk, left by a co-worker. I must remember to return it.

I listen to LaunchCast on Yahoo. By rating artists, albums, songs and genres, you have some control over what you listen to. I feel that my selections are eclectic. Show Tunes to Ska. 80s Hair band to Singer-Songwriters. Classical to Classic rock.

Ah well. I DO like bluegrass… so instead of asking “WHY?” I’ll just say, “Why not?”


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